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Command Zone Tray with Life Spinner - 3D Printed

Command Zone Tray with Life Spinner - 3D Printed

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Each Commander Tray and Spinner Combo will include a LOTR Ring Bearer Marker with Token!

Organize your Magic the Gathering Commander games with these very handy EDH Command Zone trays. I've designed these for my own group and thought I would share.


  • 3D Printed Command Zone sized for a double sleeved card
  • 3x Commander damage tracking slots (MTG D20 spin down size)
  • 1x Misc tracking slot, could be used for Exp, Poison, Energy, etc (MTG D20 spin down size)
  • 1x Commander Cast tracker slot (Standard D6 dice size)
  • 1x Life Spinner (0-99) INCLUDED!

Dice and cards not included.
These are 3D Printed and made to order.

5 Star Reviews

We have been selling these on Etsy for a year with over 300 sales and 85 reviews with 5 Stars! Here are just some of the reviews!


Legal Notice
This item is intended to be used with Magic the Gathering. I am in no way affiliated or licensed by Hasbro or any other publisher of Magic the Gathering. These items are intended solely to increase the enjoyment of playing the game

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