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MTG/LOTR Ring Bearer Tracker - The Ring Tempts You

MTG/LOTR Ring Bearer Tracker - The Ring Tempts You

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MTG/LOTR Ring Bearer Tracker

Available bundles of 1, 2, 4, or 8 (all bundles have the same shipping cost). Most popular is 4 rings. Get them for your commander pod!

The "The Ring Tempts You" mechanic in the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) expansion set for Magic the Gathering (MTG), can be a little hard to track sometimes and distinguish the difference between a normal dice counter and the ring bearer / levels.

So I decided to design and 3D Print these handy trackers for the "Ring Bearer".

Each tracker is in the design of "The One Ring", with similar writing on the side, and it has an inset for a regular sized D6 dice (a D20 spin down will also fit).

The custom "The Ring" token is included, you will get one per ring ordered.
Other Cards or dice pictured are not included


When the "The Rings Tempts" you, place the Ring Bearer tracker on the creature card who becomes the Ring Bearer. If the creature dies, keep the dice in the ring tracker, then move it side or onto the token. The dice will keep track of the "level" or number of times the ring has tempted you this game.


  • Ready to ship in 1 business days via standard letter mail.
  • Shipping to the USA, 1-3 weeks, sometimes a bit longer.
  • Shipping within Canada is usually around one week.
  • Shipping to the UK is 2-6 weeks.

Legal Notice

This item is intended to be used with Magic the Gathering. I am in no way affiliated or licensed by Hasbro or any other publisher of Magic the Gathering. These items are intended solely to increase the enjoyment of playing the game

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